The Rev. Dr. William Hess

The Rev. Dr. William Hess


I hope you were able to be with us this past Sunday. The Stated Clerk, Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson II, was truly filled with the Spirit. We can agree that God has blessed him through his wonderful Mother! What a great lady she must be. Our Stated Clerk is a church leader we can respect. Dr. Nelson brought a true joy in faith that is not dependent upon property or funds. There is a joy in following Christ that is most wonderfully experienced in our relationships. Whatever the future may hold, we “Fear not” because we have a God who will not desert us and we have one another.

I shared with the Steering Committee that pride is a sin. I then confessed that on Sunday I was sinning all over the place! David Macbeth and the choir were glorious. Greeters, ushers, and liturgists – all were joyfully present and eager to serve. The support of visiting clergy and members of other congregations was heartwarming. The luncheon reception was over the top. Later that evening we had a relaxed dinner with the Stated Clerk and Lehigh Presbytery leadership at a member’s home – and it was just right! Pride is not the right word. Let me just say that I was “most pleased.” Thank you to everyone.

Lest anyone be confused, let me reaffirm what Dr. Nelson made clear. The position of the PCUSA and Lehigh Presbytery is that the name, history, assets and property of First Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem rightly belongs to the Presbytery. Letting ECO or EPC or PCA denominations take what belongs to the PCUSA stops right here in Bethlehem! You are encouraged to reconcile with members of the church that you have worshipped with, prayed with, served with and fellowshipped with. We invite everyone to stay right here and be a PCUSA congregation with us at the church property which holds so many wonderful memories. My invitation going forward shall be, “Please stay and be PCUSA!”

In Christ,

Pastor Bill


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